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Qualified Accountant Certificate
Session One Test

1. Only one group of five letters below can be rearranged to spell out a five-letter word in the English language.

Identify the word.


2. Which of the following can be arranged into a 5-letter English word?


3. Complete the following sequence:

A, S, D,  ?  ,G, H, J, K, L


4. The primary private sector agency that oversees external financial reporting standards is the:


5. Which of the following equations properly represents a derivation of the fundamental accounting equation?


6. NASA received three messages in a strange language from a distant planet. The scientists studied the messages and found that “Necor Buldon Slock” means “Danger Rocket Explosion” and “Edwan Mynor Necor” means “Danger Spaceship Fire” and “Buldon Gimilzor Gondor” means “Bad Gas Explosion”. What does “Slock” mean?


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